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BJP and Congress are trying to loot the country: Deve Gowda to NewsX

I am 84, but I will fight ... I don't want anything," former Karnataka Chief Minister Deve Gowda said.

Created on: 2017-03-25

Former Prime Minister and former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Deve Gowda in an exclusive conversation with NewsX, discussed his planning for the 2018 Karnataka Assembly Elections, the emergence of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the state of politics in the nation. Speaking on his political course and the preparation for the run-up to the Karnataka Assembly Elections slated for 2018, Deve Gowda said, “It’s true that we are preparing for 2018 election. My party is a regional party, I have to fight with two national parties. One is Bharatiya Janata Dal (BJD) and the other is Indian National Congress (INC). I know these two national parties, how they use and how they throw the other people.” “I have a bitter experience having served the nation as Prime Minister for 10 months. But the point is after Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, which are the mega win by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is the biggest victory for Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he added. “PM Modi has personally handled this (elections) with party president Amit Shah. President of the party has got his own ideas to destabilise Congress. They want to destabilise both the parties before going to the elections … I can understand the design and even desire of the BJP … Now the Prime Minister is only thinking Karnataka,” Deve Gowda said. “No understanding with Congress and BJP for the upcoming 2018 Assembly Elections. People of Karnataka want to see Kumaraswamy as the CM again,” Deve Gowda mentioned. “I am a former Prime Minister, whether they recognise me or not, whether the country has forgotten me or not, I am not bothered. But I have got some experience how can the government of India can move forward. I know Vajpayee’s government, I know Manmohan Singh’s government and I am watching from last three years PM Modi. Now, he has got a plan. But what is the plan I have got, nothing. My plan is only farmers and rural masses, people and what I have done as Chief Minister,” the former Prime Minister said. Mentioning about his work in the state, the former Karnataka Chief Minister said, “What I have done is on record. Even for IT sector, people who knows this, I am the father of the IT sector in Karnataka, but the media has not cooperated, it’s ok. Time has come, the battle is on. Prime Minister is going to come, Amit Shah is going to come with all leaders …” “I am 84, but I will fight … I don’t want anything,” Deve Gowda said. Highlights of HD Deve Gowda’s interview to NewsX Evil designs by the BJP not only to make India Congress mukt but opposition also. Congress Government as corrupt as earlier BJP government. BJP and Congress have used us and betrayed. BJP and Congress are trying to loot the country. I am the father of IT sector in Karnataka. I understand the evil design of BJP.